The Tribunal adjudicates disputes emanating from the decisions of the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK).

The disputes may arise from the following areas:

Restrictive Trade Practices

Agreements which inhibit fair competition in the economy.

Mergers and Acquisition

This refers to obtaining ownership and control by one firm, in whole or in part, of another firm or business entity.

Abuse of Dominant Position

This is where a dominant firm in the economy uses its position for economic gain at the expense of fair competition.

Exemption of Certain Restrictive Trade Practices

A restrictive trade practice can be exempted if the benefit accruing to the public outweighs the lessening of competition.

Unwarranted Concentration of Economic Power

Means the existence of close directorship between two distinct undertakings or companies producing substantially similar goods or services and whose combined market share is more than 40 per cent.

Consumer Welfare Cases

These include false or misleading representation regarding standards, quality, value, grade, composition, style and model of a product/service.