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How to File An Appeal

Any person who wishes to appeal decisions from the Competition Authority of Kenya can file an appeal by filling the prescribed forms within 14 days. Once filled, scan and send your forms to

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1. Filing of a Notice of Appeal and Memorandum of Appeal

Any person aggrieved by the decision of the Authority shall file a Notice of Appeal and Memorandum of Appeal within 14 days upon receipt or notification of the decision of the Authority.

2. Serving the Respondents

Upon filing the Memorandum of Appeal and all accompanying documents, the appellant shall serve the Respondents within 14 days.

3. Responding

Any party served with the Memorandum of Appeal shall respond by filing a replying affidavit within 14 days of service.

4. Filing of a Cross-Appeal

Parties served with the Memorandum of Appeal or notification of the decision, may file a Cross-Appeal within 14 days from the date of service.

How We Will Manage your Case

The Tribunal shall handle cases by, among others:

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  • Encouraging the parties to co-operate with each other in the conduct of the proceedings
  • Identifying and concentrating on the main issues as early as possible
  • Employing suitable and appropriate technology in the conduct of the business of the Tribunal
  • Adopting procedures that are most effective and appropriate for the case
  • Ensuring that hearing is conducted within defined time-limits and without undue delay
  • Encouraging and facilitating the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms if the Tribunal considers it appropriate.